Tuesday, May 18, 2010

one for mippy!

This one is for mippy because she loves piebalds, fortunately Miranda shows the same amount of passion of horses as me so I can have someone to play with.when ever someone sees a piebald great commotion brews up so this one is a favorite with mippy so she gets this for keeping her panties dry.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

one of my favourite things

This is a horse-box that I really like because of the chunky look it . It is one of the newest in the Ivor Williams range and comes with many extras like the new bar feature. It can carry two horses plus all your tack and grooming kit so it will be useful for shows and hacks further away from home.


horse box

This is a horse box I spotted on a walk at royden woods,its a two horse ifor williams.It was out side a very well kept stables and was used to cary a big piebald.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Lawn Mower

This is my latest creation a Lego lawn mower.I got the idea today when at school(why should I be there on poling day?SAT'S booster)when the men were cutting the grass.they were cutting it with something a bit like this.I've been in need of a good grass cutter to cut the fields but now I have the answer!This beast is just like the real thing  with folding blades,off-road suspension and rear steer.It fits perfectly on to all my trailers and only needs some ropes to tie it in place so it don't slip.Also today i made a line painter to finish off those football pitches and the garden!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

point to pointing

Yesterday we went out to watch the spectacular point to point.I've been looking forward more than christmas.The new forests point to point is one of the only ones that do it out in the wild.Its amazing the way the horses gallop over the heather at tremendous speeds. We were listening to people who said that the last hill is so strenuous that they found  it hard for their horses to go up.There is different age categories ranging from the veterans race which only the experienced commoners can take part in and the novice race for the people learning to ride.4 of the  agisters were there because its time off the them.Unfortunately one of them has to be ready for call out.The course had to be moved from shaterford to the other side of the road.This picture is me with one of the agisters land  rovers in the field.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My litttle pony

This is one of my birthday presents, which I have made into a show jumping scene. It's a Piebald pony which I was given by mum and dad,  and I also got a dark bay shire horse.I was also given some modeling clay which I made into horse jumps.The car in the back ground Is my Range Rover and the Ivor Williams cattle trailer. I had a really good birthday and received over £110,which I am saving.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Drysdale Freight

This is my new model from the extremely kind people from Drysdale Freight in Scotland. This model is a high detailed model which looks like the real thing.People who have seen it have all liked it. Especially Patric down the road who also loves trucks.
I've decided it can be used on a weekly basis to take the milk bottles away from my milking parlour [even though it doesn't have back doors that open.]
Before I sent the pictures off I had a dream,There was a Drysdale depot at the end off Shore road.
I've just finished my thank you to the team which had a greenvale trailer with the writting on top of it.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Low Loader

In the last few days I have been making this Lego model that is made out of previous kits I've received from various people.

I made it by adding another set of wheels to my heavy haulage truck. It is a mini sized replica of the Scania R680 in one of my magazines [Trucking] the truck tackles the challenge of carrying a 80 tonne Hitachi excavator from Cornwall to central London.

This is one of my biggest Lego models. The load on this occasion is a digger, one of my other models. Its also carried a crusher a loading ramp and a van. it measures roughly 1 1/2 meters.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

down in the blogs

This picture is pf a turf cutting ssmachine being towed on a 3-Axel ,6 wheeled trailer it is being towed by a JCB fast track the 30-tone machine is a picture out of a magazine. On the side it says l.b and p.b turf cutters which stands for Lewis brown and Patrick belson who's my little Friend who's just started school.he also was the one who gave me the magazine. I am going to give him a coppie of it.we went on a long walk near Denny wood and back to where to the car was parked at beauliu road station.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hampshire Cross Country Race

Today is the day that I've being looking forwards to, my cross country race at Gang wairley we raced all afternoon.There was thousand's of people.I was number 185.I was a relay race and I ran first with a yr6 called Scott. Then it was Joel and Mathew then finally in the boy race it was Jamie and Ben.The boys in my team came 36th.

In the girls team we came 14th Thanks to Hannah Bower who got an amazing start of 2nd all the way to the last hill when she dropped back to 5th.Then 2 other girls went. WE ALL where tired out and all happy with our score! I was pleased with all the score and isn't about winning it's about taking part that counts. We had curry for tea.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Tour de France

Last weekend it was my birthday, and my Mum and Dad took me to the Isle of Wight for a treat. In Freshwater we watch the Round the Island bike race.

Later, after a nice bike ride from Freshwater when I raced a man on his Kona MTB we stopped for dinner at Gossips cafe in Yarmouth. This is me eating my birthday dinner.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Dad's car is better than yours.....

Maybe It's not. I'm not actually sure it actually is. If yo did do the top gear comparing list you might acutely find that the vw passat might not beat the beautifully styled Bentley Continental GT speed zantago. when dad came home he said that he had some thing for me and he had two pictures for me
they where this one and another one of a Mercedes Mclaren SLR. At this moment I'm listening to Mustang Sally, a tune that has been playing all week since I did the posting of the mustang BOSS.

It's a good job my Dad hasnt got a Bentley Continental, or we wouldn't be able to get all the camping stuff in the car when we go on holiday.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

dune buggy

I did this Lego model of a truck today. I got it out of my brand new ford focus rs top gear magazine ,it was in the survival guide. Today it was roasting and we went down to calshot and did some cannoning we also did some capsizing.

On Saturday were going camping in Cornwall and were taking our bikes. We're going for a whole week and then coming back on the Monday. Dad has set us a Lego competition,who can build the best Lego models. When we came back from the beach today we saw some racing hover crafts racing at 60mph.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

mustang sally

I did this picture a few days ago out of my draw 50 book. It had the instructions for this amazing ford mustang and just now we used an incredible tool that colored it in for you. Then we used a picture that dad took of some lights in the car on the way back from work a few days ago.

Today I did a picture of the latest soft top jaguar on the road the xk90 there was also a picture of a old one. A few days ago me and dad saw a ford mustang with blue and black stripes. Today the holiday
started so were free from work.

I'm going to be year 5 next year and gregs going to be in year 2. I'm going to be 10 on the 22nd of September and the second oldest in my class.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Add ImageI have just got a book about Lamborghini's out of the library and it has all of the vehicles,from there first tractor to the latest super car.The designer used to work on a farm with his dad thats how the tractor production.The power boat in this picture is one they race out on Southampton water 200m away.Sometimes on a Saturday when we go to barry I see them racing all the way up to netley march very fast.the miura s has the same v6 engine as the Ferrari dino that is another rear engined super car by Lambo.